Corporate site, product catalog, e-commerce solution
SAVYON is the flagship salon situated in the center of St. Petersburg. They have their own cosmetic products lines for professional and home use. These products are made in Israel and based on marine minerals, plants extracts and cutting edge anti-aging ingredients.
  • Task
    Development the Corporate portal, product catalog and e-commerce solution for the innovative product brand. Create an animated presentation section for each product line. Develop the corporate section for Beauty Academy. Design should create a WOW effect for each user. Prepare portal for high load during the advertisement campaign. Track the conversion rate and support the site 24/7.
  • Solution
    It is innovative project, so each site visitor expects to see something new and creative and this is why we could not create “just another site”. It was not an easy task for art-director and designers. Therefore, it became a great adventure. Finally, we ended up by creating the design that got the “Wow!” feedback from company board. We designed and implemented a complicated concept of presenting each product. Animation leads user smoothly from one section of the site to another. Site successfully worked under high load during promo campaign.


In order to catch user’s attention right away we decided to create the video that was smoothly transforming itself into the site’s design. This way the main page as the gate to the site and virtual world of SAVYON helped us to minimize percent of users who leave the site almost right away. Most of the time video and sound have a negative effect on sites’ users, especially when using some illegal methods for promotion. But in our case, visitors came to the site because of recommendation or advertisement campaign. The fact that the products are really innovative pushed us to create more than “just another site”. It was true not just for the main page, but also for any other page, including the Error 404 section (page was not found).

Products Catalog and E-Shop

Each innovative product line has its own section with unique design and animation effects. All of that corresponds for specific functions and attributes of that cosmetic line. As soon as you enter the catalog area, you forget that you are visiting the site and feel like turning the pages of glossy fashion magazine.


Product page developed according to best practices for B2C marketing. Here you can see high quality photo as well as product description, user manual, ingredients list, reviews and even recommendations from professionals. Prominent “Add to the basket” button make it easy to buy. We implemented the one click purchase approach. In order to increase sales we created Recommended and Similar Products lists. User has ability to save and share the page. User-friendly navigation to other products, products lines and back to the catalog.


It is actually a site inside of the site. The section of the Training Center is a full size corporate web site. Here you can find center’s presentations and a lot of useful information, training events calendar and option to sign up for each one of those, licenses, seminars, courses and even online consulting room where professional cosmetologists will be waiting for you, cosmetologists profiles, articles from the press and the training center news.

Beauty Shop Services

Let us pay a special attention to the the Beauty Shop services list. It has a handy menu and page with a lot of details for each type of service. There you can find Description, Price, Video for each procedure, option to buy products you are going to need for each treatment, Goals, Active Components, Specialists Profiles, Online consultation and of course the ability to book a session.

Interface Elements

Every interface element, starting from fonts and up to social networks buttons, went through complex chain of A/B testing, tones of discussions and was implemented according to the official corporate style of the cosmetic line, beauty shop and company brand.


    • 150 K
      users per day load ready
    • 7.4 %
      conversion to leads rate
    • 12 %
      average orders grow per month
    • 5.7 K
      orders and calls per month
  • Irina Fuchs
    «We were looking for the company that can solve non-trivial problems in a short time but still providing high quality. We would like to recommend IQ PROJECT studio as a reliable partner that can go beyond standard tasks.»

Project Team:

  • Art-Director
    Georgiy Akopov
  • Designer
    Bogdan Golovatiy
  • Developers
    Danil Schukin
    Yaroslav Mikhaylik
    Andrey Boyko
  • SEO-Content
    Natalya Ershova
  • Manager
    Valeriya Konovalova