Iq Banquet

IQ Banquet is a startup, internet service and mobile apps using which every user can easily book a restaurant or hall to host a banquet, wedding banquet, corporate meeting, birthday party or any other event. IQ Project company developed and promoted every tool this startup needed to have: internet-service, CRM system, mobile apps for all major platforms (Windows, iOS and Android).
  • TASK
    Create easy to use apps for three platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. Organize all communications between apps and internet service and accounts synchronization using service API. Integrate applications and CRM system in order to work with orders. Place the apps to iTunes, Google Play Market and Windows Store.
    In order to complete this project we created two teams. One was busy developing internet service while another worked on mobile apps. All apps were developed, synchronized and integrated with CRM system. We tested and tuned advertisement campaign. Apps are doing well under heavy load. Conversion to leads is around 7% of combined number of traffic and calls.

Intuitive search

  • Big database of restaurants and halls
    App has the access to more than 1000 meeting halls in Moscow and provides detailed information about each of them.
  • Handy filter
    All App’s most important functions on your fingertips.
  • Free booking
    Just book the place and expect manager of the hall to call you

Effective List

Bright and informative search results will help you to see the most relevant halls.

“Add to Favorites” feature helps to organize the halls you like into the special list.

Hall ID Name Add to Basket District Capacity Price

Hall Details

Detailed description of each hall includes photos and helps you to pick up the best place to host your party, marriage celebration or any other event.

You will see directions on map in order to reach the hall most efficient way.



    • 3 Apps:
    • 7 %
      all traffic to leads rate
    • 6 K
      new users in 6 months
    • 5
      App average Markets rating
  • Sergey Letvin
    «IQ Banquet» CEO and founder
    We as a company was looking for a capable partner in order to implement non-trivial task quickly and effectively. We would like to recommend IQ Project studio as a reliable partner for implementation of non-standard solutions.

Project Team:

  • Art-Director
    Bogdan Golovatiy
  • Designers
    Maxim Filinkov
    Dmitriy Makievskiy
  • Architects
    Georgiy Akopov
    Denis Letvin
  • Developers
    Eduard Antsupov
    Alexandr Sveridov
    Maxim Kostichenko
    Andrey Boyko
  • SEO-Content
    Denis Letvin
    Ekaterina Krsnitskaya
    Karina Lopatina
  • Manager
    Alexandr Dedov
    Ark Fen