Responsive Business Site
Corporate site solution for consulting center "Invest-Project". The company successfully operates in the market for more than 10 years already. Professionals from "Invest-Project" prepared and implemented around 550 business-plans for more than 2 billions of US dollars.
  • Task
    We already have live, and well functioning web-site with good positions in the search engines. It has a lot of content and generate a big enough traffic. But the PROBLEM we had was a slow loading speed and administrating usability. ALso we were not able to do better SEO because of those factors. Other negative side effects were low conversion rate and fewer calls or orders from the site. CHALLENGES: huge site reconstruction while keeping all present content and search engines positions. Detailed analysis of competitors strategies and workflow in order to plan best possible approaches even during prototyping stage and implementing those later on.
  • Solution
    Complex SEO audit, user experience analysis and development of new modern and reliable version of the web-site. Responsive unique design was created by team's best marketing specialists. Cross-browser responsive design which will work well on any type of device. Usability audit with fixing problems in that area along with improvement of the good parts. We created a Landing Page for each product. Keeping all content and search engines positions. Diligent work was done using A/B testing to improve conversion rate. BONUS: Search engines positions improvements as a result of better user experience and raise of conversion rate from 2 orders a week up tp 7-8 per day.

Main Page

After analysing competitors, clients and all data we had on hands, the decision was made to design the main page of the site according to modern trends of selling page. Contemporary effects, user attention keeping, answering all main questions and one click handy navigation to any product or service.

The site "before" and "after"


Having in mind big amount of content and its good visibility in the search engines we decided that every page must be a landing page. It must keep user attention and give the answer to all questions he has at the moment. At the same time it is leading user to one click purchase.

Company Portfolio

Each exclusive product that was born in the Invest Project, have a special presentation page where we can see its all main points, download attached documents and place an order for the similar product.


    • 4142
      visitors per month
    • 320
      orders and calls per month
    • 8,2 %
      conversion to leads rate
    • 870 %
      grow of orders and calls
  • Alexey Lumpov
    CEO at "Innovation Development Center"
    «As a result we see significant grow in many areas. Specifically traffic, time user spends on site, reaching target audience etc... Our clients noted how easy they can get the information, how good site is looking now, how well it is working no matter what type of device they are using. Site became more user friendly indeed. We would really like to recommend IQ Project team as professional, competent and reliable partner in the area of development any kind of Internet project, its promotion and ongoing support.»

Project Team:

  • Art-Director
    Bogdan Golovatiy
  • Designer
    Dmitriy Makievskiy
  • Architect
    Georgiy Akopov
  • Developers
    Eduard Antsupov
    Alexandr Sveridov
  • SEO-Content
    Ekaterina Krasnitskaya
  • Manager
    Ark Fen