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We will create a best site but it will cost you as a regular one!
  • From 3000 USD
  • Development time from 30 days
  • Unique adaptive design
  • Complex SEO solution
  • Simple and robust CMS

Corporate site is your company`s image on the Internet. It is your virtual office visited by your clients every day.

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Создание корпоративных сайтов
No Clones
We conduct a serious and deep investigation of your business processes. Our marketing managers study the cases of your competitors and industry leaders very closely. We use only unique solutions for every stage of development – starting from prototyping and up to usability tests.
Today only around 37% of Internet users buying products and services while in front of desktop PC. When we develop a site for you company we have your clients in mind as first priority. No matter what device they are going to use – site must look and act great.
Адаптивная верстка корпоративных сайтов
Разработка мобильной версии корпоративного портала
Разработка мобильной версии корпоративного сайта
12 benefits

12 Serious Benefits
of corporate sites we develop

  • They stand out of the competitors crowd
  • People remember them well
  • They feel trustworthy
  • They attract new clients
  • Advanced technologies used
  • Ability to use many languages
  • They have high conversion rate
  • They adapt to any device
  • You can easily edit and manage them
  • Load time is very fast
  • It is easy to make them even better in time
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Our Workflow...
  • 1
    Market and competitors analysis
  • 2
    We create prototype for every page
  • 3
    It will be 100% unique design
  • 4
    Web-Design, Coding and Optimizing
  • 5
    Testing, debugging and deploying
for Search Engines Optimization!
  • Adaptive and valid design
  • Meta-tags for pages and elements
  • Valid and standardized code
  • Sitemap as XML file
  • Semantic data structure
  • Friendly URL addresses
  • Passive SEO for pages
  • Search Engines registration


When you order business site you also get:
  • Domain Name
    .com, .org, .net or any other
  • Professional Hosting
    Paid for 3 months ahead
  • Analytics
    Any API integration
Also you can choose one extra gift:
Google AdSense
advertisement campaign
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Setting up corporate e-mail system using domain
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  • Google AdSense
    advertisement campaign
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  • Setting up corporate e-mail system using domain
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Design and Development of the Corporate Web Site

  • Famous Bill Gates said once that we are going to end up having only two types of companies in the nearest future. First one will represent those who will be selling their products and services online and the second those who will be out of business. Perhaps just ten years ago it could sound not applicable for reality but it is much more real today. More and more huge, middle and small companies are thinking about getting the Web Site to represent their business online. Many corporations already have a running site but there is always something they can do better about it by launching new version or some major updates.

    Why should you trust IQ Project to develop your business site?

    There are number of reasons and here are just main points:

    • We treat each case individually. Professionals from IQ Project study each client business specifics. They indicate major aspects in order to promote it well while developing the web site.
    • Realistic time frames. It takes time to develop a good corporate web site. This is why our specialists always try to predict deadlines as accurate as possible and then they communicate it to the client ahead of time.
    • Our studio has attractive prices. We regularly check the market situation and adjust our pricing strategies. This helps us to compete but our main goal is to make every deal profitable for both sides.
    • We support your project from A to Z. Our professionals not only ready to create a solution for your needs but they will always be there to support and promote it in future. As we have a lot of experience already it makes us able to guarantee positive results in this area of service as well.
    • We use modern technologies and approaches. Our stuff consists of mostly very young and talented specialists. They constantly grasp some new information and learn to use new tools in order to implement most creative ideas while developing a site for your company.

    Why does the company need a Web Site after all?

    Getting a corporate site will aloud the company to form its proper image online, organize marketing campaigns and successfully support and promote the brand.

    Every company, especially that kind with offices around the country (or the World), must have its own web site. Internet gives so much for doing and growing your business that we can`t just ignore it.

    What kind of the company really needs a Corporate Web Site?

    We should not forget that developing a company web site is a quite complex and expensive process. Having this in mind there will be categories of clients we would suggest to buy this particular service:

    • Companies which have their own spread network of offices around the country (or the World). They normally also have many partners out there. These companies really need a serious corporate web solution to function is their second main office.
    • If company plans to invest in its future success is going to need a website as well. Earlier they understand importance of the Internet space is better for them.

    Sure, we did not mean to limit the list just to those categories and in fact business of any size and intention can definitely order a website from us.

    Goals we try to reach by developing a website

    • It will provide the access to the information about the company for everyone.
    • Site will simplify a number of conservative business projects of the company. Their effectiveness will definitely rise.
    • You will be able to sell and close deals online. It will be safe because clients, suppliers and other parties will be able to use the system only by applying their logins and passwords.

    The phases we have in IQ Project when developing a Website for your Company

    • First of all, our specialists investigate our client needs.
    • Secondly, they study the business segment company works in, monitoring its competitors and checking its target clients.
    • Thirdly, according to results of all investigations they create Requirements Specification document which is going to help us develop a final product most efficient way.
    • Finally, all these data comes to the hands of developers who are ready to design, implement, test, debug and deploy your Web Site!

    Benefits and features of online solutions

    • If you have e-commerce section integrated to your corporate site it will directly raise your sales.
    • When visitors have their dashboard, it helps to create constant crowd of loyal clients.
    • Forums, guest books and chat rooms, which we can add to the business site, clients and partners of the company will be able to communicate freely and post reviews about your products and services.

    Promoting your new site

    As soon as another corporate Web Site deployed, we need to start working on its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If we skip this step, it will be hard for your site to achieve all results you need. It could just stay there in Internet more like just a nice thing to have instead of being actively used business tool.

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